The milling sector is an important application field for the Visam electric vibrators.

The destoner, the rotoflow and the vibrating bin discharger are the most representative machines of this sector.

The purifier is the most peculiar application and for this machine type Visam has implemented dedicated vibrating motors delivering considerable strokes at low vibration frequency and very low electrical power.

Some processes require electric vibrators suitable for continuous service (S1) at maximum performance with very low or even no maintenance.

The SPV- SPX and SPEX series models provide a complete coverage for all the different needs.

Here follow the main applications of the Visam vibrators in the milling sector:

  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Vibrating Calibrator
  • Vibrating Trough
  • Bag-Filling Machine Compactor
  • Packaging Machine Compactor
  • Vibrating Hopper Extractor
  • Vibrating Silo Extractor
  • Vibrating Bin Discharger
  • Vibrating Grid
  • Vibrating Fluid Bed
  • Vibrating Filter Cleaner
  • Vibrating Fill Big-Bag
  • Purifier
  • Vibrating Separator
  • Vibrating Gravimetric Separator
  • Circular Vibrating Sieve
  • Horizontal Vibrating Sieve
  • Inclined Vibrating Sieve
  • Vibrating Empty Big-Bag
  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Tubular Vibrating Feeder
  • Trough Vibrating Feeder
  • Horizontal Vibrating Screen
  • Inclined Vibrating Screen
  • Hopper Empty Vibrator
  • Silo Empty Vibrator