Within the construction field, the electric vibrator is used for concrete compaction.

The SPV-SPX series of Visam vibrating motors is used in many applications for the emptying of hoppers and silos or on vibrating tables and stations arrangements.

In the pre-fabrication and forming of reinforced concrete works the HFV-HFC high-frequency series as well as the VFV-VFC variable frequency one are commonly used.

In the building construction works the motor vibrator is fixed outside the concrete formwork (wood or metal) through specific systems.

To facilitate and minimize the switching of the concrete vibration motor from one mold to the other Visam has developed a range of models with a quick coupling system (cradle vibrator).

In the road construction the electrical vibrating motors series SPV-SPX are used to power the vibrating screen on top of asphalt plants to size the aggregates before being mixed with the bitumen.

Here follow the main applications of the Visam vibrators in the construction sector:

  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Vibrating Test Bench
  • Automatic Block Machine
  • Vibrating Trough
  • Vibrating Bin Discharger
  • Vibrating Grid
  • Vibrating Filter Cleaner
  • Vibrating Fill Big-Bag
  • Vibrating Straightedge
  • Compacting Vibrating Station
  • Vibrating Empty Big-Bag
  • Vibrating Table
  • Horizontal Vibrating Screen
  • Inclined Vibrating Screen
  • Vibrating Extruder
  • Vibro-Hammer
  • Hopper Empty Vibrator
  • Silo Empty Vibrator
  • Mould Vibrator
  • Formwork Vibrator
  • Pre-Fab Vibrator