The SPV-SPX and SPEx series of Visam electric vibrators cover all possible applications in the agri-food – zootechnics sector.

Within the various manufacturing processes the vibration one is used to facilitate the emptying of hoppers and stocking silos, to sieve, separate and transport the harvested products such as corn, wheat, rice and seeds before they are sent through the transformation process.

Particularly important are the applications on the bin dischargers for the products extraction from storage silos, where the Visam vibrating motors provide maximum performance and low operating temperatures due to a specific oversizing of the electrical section.

Here follow the main applications of the Visam vibrators in the zootechnics sector.

  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Vibrating Calibrator
  • Vibrating Trough
  • Vibrating Grader
  • Bag-Filling Machine Compactor
  • Packaging Machine Compactor
  • Vibrating Conveyor
  • Vibrating Spiral Elevator
  • Vibrating Hopper Extractor
  • Vibrating Silo Extractor
  • Vibrating Bin Discharger
  • Vibrating Grid
  • Vibrating Fluid Bed
  • Vibrating Filter Cleaner
  • Vibrating Cooler
  • Vibrating Fill Big-Bag
  • Vibrating Separator
  • Vibrating Gravimetric Separator
  • Circular Vibrating Sieve
  • Horizontal Vibrating Sieve
  • Inclined Vibrating Sieve
  • Vibrating Station
  • Compacting Vibrating Station
  • Vibrating Empty Big-Bag
  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Tubular Vibrating Feeder
  • Trough Vibrating Feeder
  • Horizontal Vibrating Screen
  • Inclined Vibrating Screen
  • Hopper Empty Vibrator
  • Silo Empty Vibrator