SPV-SPX series - Low speed Vibrators

The SPV-SPX series represents the range of VISAM industrial electric vibrators most widely used for vibrating machine applications. The SPV-SPX series are the result of an excellent combination of avant guarde design and experimentation technology, not to mention our 29 years plus of experience in the industrial vibration sector and main fields of application. All this has resulted in a series of electric vibrators with unique electro-mechanical features, which ensure the most reliable performance available today in the market thanks to the use of top quality materials such as ultra low loss sheet metal, and the most exclusive components, such as cylindrical roller bearings specifically designed for vibrating applications.
The SPV-SPX series includes over 100 versions, each of which foresees dimensional features specifically tailored to each electric motor and its mechanical parts, in particular, the bearings.
2-4-6 and 8 pole vibrator versions are available with a complete range of frequencies and voltages that make them suitable for use in any part of the world. Special 10 and 12 pole versions for specific applications are available upon request.
The SPV-SPX series ranges from minimal centrifugal forces of 50 Kg up to 23000 Kg guaranteed by our larger versions. Thanks to this special feature, we are able to provide a complete product range of vibrating equipment capable of satisfying today’s demanding market needs.


Single phase

Frequency supply (Hz)


Static moment (lbin)

Centrifugal force (lbf)


European Directives
2006/42/CE (Machine)
2006/95/CE (Low Voltage)
94/9/CE (Atex)

Insulation Class:

F standard • H on request
Tropicalization: Standard
Atex: Range suitable for, II 3D (zone 22)
• Ex tD A22 IP66 T135°C
Availability, on request, II 2D (zona 21)
• Ex tD A21 IP66 T135°C
Lubrication: For Life up to size 4
Long Life from size 4.1 a upwards
Feeding: Three-phase from 42 up to 700 V at 50 and 60 Hz
Single-phase from 110 up to 240 V at 50 and 60 Hz
Perfect performance under inverter control (VFD)
Temperature Range
From –20° up to +40° C
Executions: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 poles & specials Thermal Protection: Standard (thermistor 130° C) from size 10
Up to size 9 on request
Centrifugal Force: From 50 up to 25.000 Kg
Continuous adjusting from 100% a 0%
(standard supply: setting at 80%)
Mounting Configuration: Any position
Duty: Heavy and continuous at maximum Centrifugal Force (S1) Finish: Powder coated blue RAL 5010 / yellow RAL 1003
IP 66.7 (EN60529) Testing: All units undergo a dynamic test-run
(with unbalanced weights) before leaving the factory