PRODUCTS - Electric vibrators select products

Visam product is manufactured and assembled in Italy, known to be technologically advanced for mechanical processing required in this type of vibrators.

Components used in these products come exclusively from European markets (Italy and Germany) this means the continuous search for quality reliability and performance.

The continuous search from R&D from Visam on materials, on technical solutions and components produces a product that offers an unbeatable quality/price without compromising proven reliability.

To obtain this, Visam uses the most modern techniques of calculations and puts its vibrators through rigorous tests. Final test on 100% of the production is done, and complete traceability of products and manufacturing processes are a sure guarantee for customers.

Visam deeply believes in the concept “think global, act global”, collect global opportunities and offer development with local investors through increased industrialization processes, research and innovation of its products to be realized with its own and with the collaboration of university institutions and major partners such as suppliers and customers.

These efforts results in a product at the top in terms of performance and durability, with the highest production efficiency currently available on the market and therefore a safe electric power for the user. Risks of extraordinary maintenance and plant shutdown are minimized.

Last but not least, Visam is made up of people that support the daily activities of the company and provide its know-how by offering quality customer services such as:
  • assistance on selection and correct installation of the vibrator;
  • personalization of its product to ensure performance expectations;
  • training for installers, distributors and sales agents on the characteristics and on operating theoretical and practical operation of the vibrator;