April 2012

Since 1994 VISAM has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing electric vibrators for industrial applications.
We offer a full range of vibrating motors that are able to suit the most demanding applications that require the utmost in terms of performance and reliability.
At VISAM, we pride ourselves on our commitment to creating products with top quality materials and using the best components available on the market, while keeping a particular eye on accuracy and precision in the manufacturing and finishing processes. In addition, we carry out multiple quality checks from raw material up to finished product testing.
Thanks to our ongoing research aimed at achieving top quality products, today VISAM is renowned worldwide as the leading manufacturer of industrial vibrators and can boast of a strong presence in major international markets to which it exports more than 80% of its production.
Various production industries (mining, siderurgical, food, building, animal husbandry etc.,) utilize Visam industrial vibrators to improve productivity and safety and also to increase profits. Check out our on-line catalogue and find the industrial vibrator that best suits your business, or else, contact us for more information.

"Since 1994 we have been growing our product, service
and technical competence, in order to gain customers’
fidelity and satisfaction.
This will continue..."