2012 - April

  (VISAM-APP-000176-01) Quarry field installation of 2 Visam 4 poles vibrators SPV 35.0 B  model on an extractor/feeder positioned underneath the hopper containing the rocks to be processed. The extractor/feeder has to grant a smooth feeding of the cone-crusher to get the maximum productivity out of the crushing process. The vibration allows to distribute the material evenly over the entire width of the cone-crusher as well as to minimize the choking close to the outlet of the hopper. The installation was carried out by placing the 2 Visam vibrators on the sides of the extractor/feeder with parallel axes, 35° inclined from the horizontal. The vibrators are electrically connected to run with opposite direction of rotation to obtain a linear vibration with a total amplitude of about 5-6mm at a frequency of 1500 vibrations/minute.